Inspiring story of director Sukez

This is a story of a very inspiring young graduate of Business Information Systems. He graduated last year. He has never been employed. In fact, he already employs several staff. He founded his company when he was a first year student at University of Malawi’s the Polytechnic. His dream is to grow his company into a big international firm.

His name is Gift Sukali, but most people know him as Director Sukez, a young entrepreneur in his early 20’s. He is a video director/producer and a digital advertiser. He is the founder of HD Plus Creation Limited, a Malawian-based video production, advertising agency and graphic designing company that specialises in producing videos, graphic and audio content for individuals and corporations.

The company utilises the latest video/graphic and audio technology to produce cost-efficient promotional, instructional and original video content and graphics. HD Plus Creations’ services target several markets, including television stations, tourism corporations, event organisers, estate companies, advertising agencies, musicians and other individuals.

Gift founded the company when he was in first year at the Polytechnic. At a very young age, he was obsessed with computers but his career aspiration was to become a medical doctor. He did not make it into medical school and instead, he was selected to University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems.

When he was in first year, he was introduced to graphic designing software where he started learning how to do posters, business cards, invitation cards and other graphic content and it did not take him a year until he mastered graphic editing software packages like photoshop. By that time he was doing everything as a hobby. In second year of college he was interested in motion pictures (video) and later he researched on Internet on how to do videos. Within a short period of time, he started working on videos around campus and made a name for himself. With time, people from other colleges and universities started approaching him. This made him realise that he can make a living out of it. He registered his company as a sole trader, and by the time he finished college, many people knew his company.

After finishing college, he started working for himself in a small room (boys’ quarters) in Chitawira. After six months, he registered as a limited company and opened an office in Blantyre City along Chilembwe Road. Gift met a lot of people that helped him along and gained a couple of cooperate customers. He managed to employ himself and other three people and he is currently opening a branch in Lilongwe.

Gift has worked with a number of individuals and reputable organisations including United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Illovo Sugar (Malawi), Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom), United Nation’s Children Fund (Unicef), Chira Fund, Department of Tourism, Grand Palace Hotel, Sun Seed Oil Limited and Blantyre Entrepreneurs.

He has earned international recognition as he has travelled to South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe to work on several projects. As a young entrepreneur, Gift aims at achieving more as he grows. He wants his company to be a market leader not only in Malawi and Africa, but whole world. He wants when people think of video content and digital advertising, they should think of HD Plus Creations Limited Company.

He aims at establishing branches across Africa. He also believes education is key, he wants to do master’s degree in film, television and entertainment. He is looking forward to establishing a television station that will be recognised at international level. He wants to venture into digital advertising by having big digital advertising screens across Africa and Europe.

On developing the community, Gift dreams of employing not less 1 000 people in Malawi by 2020. He wants to help fellow youth to get established by venturing into entrepreneurship. He is currently working hand in hand with Entrepreneurs in Action (Enactim) organisation where he provides inspirational talks and career guidance.

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