Joe Gwaladi arrested for alleged rape

Musician Joe Gwaladi is in custody at Phalombe Police Unit on allegations that he raped a 14-year-old girl.
Phalombe Police Unit station officer Sikanadze Mkweche today confirmed that the musician was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion that he defiled a 14-year-old girl.

Police say the singer was arrested on Wednesday
Police say the singer was arrested on Wednesday

According to Mkweche, the girl is friends with one of Gwaladi’s three wives, 19-year old Patricia Gwaladi, and on this day she visited her at their house where she slept over.
“At night Gwaladi went to the room that the girl was sleeping and has sexual relations with her. He threatened her and gagged her. In the morning, her mother went in the village in search for her daughter and she found her at Gwaladi house where the girl told her what had happened.
“Then they went to Phalombe Hospital for tests, but Gwaladi allegedly approached them and bribed the mother with K6 000. But after we were tipped on what had happened, we went there and took the girl to the hospital and arrested Gwaladi,” he said.
According to Section 133 of penal code of the Laws of Malawi, if convicted, Gwaladi risks life imprisonment.
Gwaladi is a street performer and founder of Kupata Kwa Ana Band.
Some of his famous songs include Ndinafa Bulu, Nkhope Ya Chilembwe and Zakanika.
He is among musicians who sell CDs on their own in towns and cities of Malawi.
In one of his songs Mwanadala, Gwaladi ironically condemns men that sleep around with young girls.
Gwaladi sings: Nokha mukuona madala achikulire koma akunyenga kamwana/Kumetameta masharubu kuti mtsikana akopeke
Gwaladi hails from Magaleta Village, T/A Nkanda in Mulanje.
According to Mkweche, Gwaladi failed to tell his exact age and efforts to get his age from his mother proved futile as his mother claimed his son is 19 while the musician claimed that he is 23.

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