Jordan Art and Craft in youth empowerment programme

Mzuzu-based Jordan Art and Craft says plans to start offering free art lessons to the youth in Mzuzu are at an advanced stage.

Jordan Art and Craft managing director Jordan Mbwenu Mughogho said in an interview that the lessons seek to empower youths who are grappling with unemployment.

Mughogho: This is free

“We will start by conducting career guidance in line with the lessons to identify those willing to undergo the lessons,” he said.

He said the lessons are for free.

“I am trying to empower fellow youths in Chibavi Township. I urge parents to support their children by providing them with writing materials, paints and brushes,” he said.

Other materials will be provided by the organisation, Mughogho said.

He said: “This is free. It will be an ongoing programme. Lessons will be offered during weekends while during holidays, they will be offered during weekdays.

“There is no need to wait for donors to assist us. If we have the potential to assist let us play our role. I will start with Chibavi then in future the programme will extend to other areas.”

Mughogho said upon completion of the lessons which participants will be attending for a month, every participant will be given a Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Training Authority (Tevet) certificate.

The trainer, who is also Visual Artists Association of Malawi (VAM) vice-president, said despite targeting the youth, the programme is an inclusive initiative.

“Everyone is welcome regardless of one’s background like tribe, religion gender and the like. No qualification is required. What matters is one’s interest in art,” he said.

Participants will be trained in screen printing, painting, sign writing, banner writing and others.

Reacting to the news, Chindikani Harawa, 20, said he is looking forward to the lessons.

“I have always practiced on my own. This is my opportunity to perfect my skill in painting and sign writing,” he said.

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