Kamuzu Stadium MFR aerobics on tomorrow

 Fitness instructors to take charge of Saturday’s aerobics at Kamuzu Stadium have vowed to give patrons the best experience in physical fitness exercises.

The aerobics are part of a fundraising drive Nation Publications Limited (NPL) has undertaken through its Mother’s Fun Run (MFR) project. The project mainly aims at mobilising resources towards alleviating challenges affecting the country’s maternal and neonatal health.

This is not for the corporate world alone as everyone is welcome — Mwantisi

According to organisers, proceeds from the session will be directed towards the project which is this year targeting Ntcheu and Likoma districts.

Operating under the brand Fitness Revival Brigade, the quartet –drawn from various fitness firms around Blantyre—is advocating for fitness for health and it sees the weekend’s aerobics as a perfect forum to display what they are capable of as a team.

The team boasts of renowned Blantyre-based fitness, including Mr Malawi 2017 Emmanuel ‘Musclemanzy’ Muhuwa and Chandy Chidothe from The Body Project. The others are Thom ‘SuperDT’ Daniels from Pro-Fitness Gym and Caroline Magola, a freelance expert trainer in ballet, salsa and afro-pop dance. She currently conducts classes in the same at Blantyre Sports Club.

“We are ready and people should come in their numbers. It will be something they will never forget. Not to disrespect our clients but the truth remains that the benefits of participating in such sessions far outweigh the K2 000 they are going to part on Saturday morning. For starters, it is key to preventing various non-communicable diseases that, according to reports, claim about 28 per cent of total deaths in the country,” said Chidothe, who is leading the team.

The quartet has so far led three successful events with some notable ones at Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe.

Magola added: “Our only challenge is on time management on the part of the patrons. There is a reason why physical exercises are encouraged to be held early in the morning. Therefore, we are not waiting for anyone this time around. At 6 sharp, we are rolling.”

In an interview on Thursday, NPL marketing assistant Suzgo Mwantisi said the aerobics were one of the ways the project has come up with this year to raise funds.

“I mean, MFR has been regarded as something restricted to the elite since its inception which, in itself is a misconception. This is not for the corporate world alone. We have always argued that every tambala counts. In fact, the project largely survives on passion of citizens who truly want to see change happen than in large sums of money. It is the heart that counts most.

“On the other hand, the aerobics kind of levels the playing field as –with the same fee across the board—each patron will be subjected to the same benefits, amidst fun as well,” Mwantisi explained.

NPL has been running the project for 14 years in a row since its inception in 2005

The benefits of taking part in the aerobics outweigh the entry fee — Chidothe

This is not for the corporate world alone as everyone is welcome — Mwantisi

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