Kutsaira joins PP, appointed deputy Minister for Agriculture

Now in PP: Kunsaira
Now in PP: Kunsaira

Former director of National Intelligence Services Bintony Kutsaira has ditched the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and joined the People’s Party (PP) of President Joyce Banda.

President Banda has since appointed Kutsaira deputy Minister of Agriculture to replace Ulemu Chilapondwa.

Chilapondwa was on Sunday elevated to the portfolio of Minister of Transport and Public Works, replacing Muhammad Sidik Mia who resigned from government on Saturday.

MCP has described Kutsaira’s departure as “not worrisome”.

Kutsaira served in various portfolios during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) era, including serving as the party’s secretary general.

He quit DPP and rejoined MCP in July 2013. He left MCP after he failed to secure the constituents’ votes in the party’s primary elections.

President Banda welcomed Kutsaira into the PP fold at Masintha ground on Sunday.

He was welcomed with other supporters who defected from MCP and DPP.

Kabwila: This is worrisome
Kabwila: This is not worrisome

But MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said: “As a party, we are grateful that we are separating chuff from the grain. For MCP, this is not a worrisome development. We have not welcomed him since his return.”

During the rally, President Banda, without specifically referring to the departure of Sidik Mia, the party’s former vice-president, stated that there can only be one presidential running-mate and those that have failed to secure the seat were free to leave.

“There can’t be six running-mates. There can only be one at a time,” she said.

Reports are rife that Mia quit PP after being frustrated for failing to secure the running-mate position.

He denies the allegations, but has not explained why he has dumped the party.

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    Bambo Kutsaira, koma ndimanyazi omwe alinawo, kuzisaka? Koma chipani cha PP nde chathadi eti mpakana kumpatsa hule la politician ngati Kutsaira u minister. Kuteroko anthu a makhalidwe a umunthu wawo atha mu PP.

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    Do not tarnish the name of MCP. Kutsaira was not welcome in MCP and he just imposed himself (Duruzi). PP should know that in 1994 MCP made a similar appointment in the name of late Du Chisiza jr but ended up losing and similarly this a desparate attempt by PP to try to get votes in Centarl Region after realising they will get nothing in Lower Shire without Mia. They know they will not get anything in thyolo, Mulanje, Blantyre, Zomba, Chiradzulu, Mangochi, Balaka, and Machinga. If Joyce Banda thinks Centarl Region is easy meat, then she is making a mistake. Even if she picks Chimunthu Banda for runningmate, the central region knows that Chimunthu Banda is a Tonga from the Dwangwa and Dwambadzi area. He cannot attract any votes from Dedza, Lilongwe, Ntchisi, Dowa, Kasungu, Lilongwe, Salima and Mchinji. The best Joyce Banda can do with her cash-gate scandal and bring poverty in Malawi is just to step aside and retire from politics she will be embarrased. Malawians are no longer silly people. They want a government that can deliver and not a government that has made everybody poor except the cash-gate beneficiaries. Watch your mouths in rallies Joyce Band your fellow thieves.

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    Oslo kufuna kupeza mavoti why go for rejects. Munthu ngati amukana ku constituency how can he bring votes. It could have made sense to appoint the msondas who have been working hard for the party.

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