Lake of Stars; here we come!

How time flies!
We are on the verge of September, the month the golden sands of the lake district of Mangochi spread out to welcome the world for a grand art festival — Lake of Stars.
Festival figures for Lake of Stars 2014 show that there was;
• 573 million estimated international media reach
• 24 million estimated local and regional media reach
• $1.7 million estimated generated by the festival for Malawi’s economy
• 8-plus businesses that benefited directly from the festival
• 303 Malawian artists performed
• 35 artists and creative practitioners took part in 3 seminars and workshops
• 70- plus volunteers from Malawi powered the festival working across a range of roles
It must be everyone’s belief then that organisers have left no stone unturned to make sure every stick is in its place ready for a sure-fire festival.
Please, make it Lake of Stars, not Lake of Scars! We don’t want incidents of theft but sometimes at a big gathering like this, theft would still creep in. We hope the security is tight enough and any souls wanting to test the systems will meet a highly alert security team.
We hope sanitary provisions are in place too. We don’t want a free for all on the sand or in the water. Remember, the festival will go but life around the lake would want to continue smoothly.
We hope regulators have been involved on what goes on sale. We don’t want illegal brews or other below-par products.
While Mangochi is so balmy to visitors, giving them the best of reception for their stay along the festival, planning must also cover the locals as concerns the post event period.
Every human activity generates waste and the lake is a lifeline for many lives around it.
Are there solid plans on cleaning and other matters after the festival?
Lastly, locals in Mangochi too must wake up to the opportunity: there will be lost of business chances—filling stations, fish mongers, grocers, artist and their artworks, mechanics, you name it! 

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