Lessons from Leicester


The biblical story of little David bringing down the giant that was Golliath will always charm the globe.

But while the bible says David slunged a stone that struck the giant Philistine on the forehead as he embarrassingly fell facedown on the ground, there is another version which suggests that Golliath was hit hard on his ‘jewels’ by the naughty David. Well, I have a friend who had his ‘jewels’ pressed real hard by his spouse after catching him  red-handed having a good time with their nun and he acknowledges that it was a horrfying experience.

And last week,  just like little David, Leicester City gave the world another Cindirella tale by defying the odds to win the English Premier League and the world saluted the Foxes as their flirtation with the English top-flight league reached new dizzy heaights.

Now and again, the world has backed an underdog, which finds itself facing the might of a heavyweight  and it felt so good to see a team comprising of average players, including a work-horse with a funny name called Drinkwater and their prolific forward Jammie Vardy, who looks like a barman than a deadly striker, being crowned champions of England.

Well, throughout the campaign, I did not see any superhumans in that Leicester side, but just like little David before them, I saw a collection of individuals who believed in themselves. Neither did I see any supernatural performance from Ranieri’s charges, but a side with great determination to win and free spirit to fight right to the last man standing.

Belief brings confidence and this, in turn nurtures success and that is what I saw in the Foxes side and I wish if my beloved Flames could learn one or two things from them. Uloliwe, uloliwe wayidudula neng’esiza hah! (oh yes, the train is pushing). Glory be to God. n

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