Malawi has enough maize in silos—NFRA

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) says it has enough maize to cater for the country in times of need.


NFRA board chairperson Apostle Madalitso Mbewe briefed the press in Lilongwe on Tuesday, saying the body was looking for a permanent recycle policy to ensure that it does not keep maize for long in its strategic grain reserves.

Mbewe—accompanied by fellow board members Queen Gondwe, Sam Mang’anda, Henry Mweziwina and NFRA chief executive officer Nasinuku Saukila—said currently, the national silos have 160 metric tonnes.

“Some maize has been kept since 2006. It is only last year when we were allowed to release 30 000 tonnes of that grain,” said Mbewe.

Saukila said the silos at Kanengo have 132 000 tonnes whereas those of Mzuzu are hoarding 12 500 tonnes.

He added that Kazomba Warehouse in Mzimba has 2 139 tonnes whereas the Mangochi silos have 1 803 tonnes which are being drawn by the World Food Programme for relief distribution.

He said Luchenza has already distributed 102 tonnes to the needy out of the 622 tonnes it had. Limbe Warehouse had 3 600 tonnes at the beginning of the lean season, but it now has 1 200 tonnes.

“The recent report of people in need of food assistance has increased by just 1 100 tonnes from the initial request of about 4 300 tonnes.

“This means that from now to April, even if there was an increase in demand by 100 percent, the country will still be able to meet the demand,” said Saukila.

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