Malawians need leaders with justice

As it were, the leadership of President Peter Mutharika and his government are about to clock five years, hence the elections in May 2019. At the moment political campaign are in full swing. The ruling DPP is busy renovating and reminding people about their so called success stories with which they expect to convince people to give them a second chance. In fact they should know better by now that their success stories which have no positive bearing on Malawians on the ground mean nothing. Even making new promises while similar ones have not been delivered is meaningless.

It is a well-known fact that the Peter Mutharika government has not done well mostly because of corruption which has been allowed to freely flourish. The government might claim that they have tried to stop it, but the efforts are not serious enough. The President casually talks against corruption. This is a very weak strategy and as a result corruption is getting deeper; Take it or leave it, people in positions of power have benefited from corruption, when president promises to stop corruption, this is just political rhetoric to buy votes during the coming elections.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that among other things, corruption has brought a lot of injustices in Malawi. First and foremost, Malawians have been denied a lot of services due to taxpayers’ money being wasted through corruption. President Peter Mutharika should know better that failing to stop corruption is a formula for denying Malawians what they deserve to run their lives. This also means that the government is accepting injustice forced on Malawians. This makes it difficult for one to believe that given another chance President Peter Mutharika will stop corruption. At the moment it is evidently clear that the DPP led government has so far shown no will even to speed up corruption cases in courts in order for people to receive timely justice. It is common knowledge that justice delayed is justice denied.

Dr Martin Luther King (Jr.) of United States of America was once quoted as saying that a country needs a leader not in love with money but in love with justice. These are wise words indeed for Malawians with no exception. Justice is the bottom line to every leader who believes in equality, which is in short supply in Malawi, where the poor are getting poorer and the richer are getting richer.

At the moment, most of presidential candidates are mostly concentrating in making promises which are mostly to do with their own publicity than humanity .From the past experience once a presidential candidate has won the elections he no longer cares about the people who voted him into power.

People might be suffering from abject poverty while the president is being given foreign and local achievements awards / accolades.

For example, State President Peter Mutharika has received a number of achievement awards pertaining to his performance in various fields such as education. There is nothing wrong with this but it is equally not right when he is presiding over very poor people who do not correlate with the achievements. With all due respect, there is no justice to the suffering masses to have a leader who is perceived to be successful in leadership which can hardly be seen by the poor local masses.

One can only appeal to leaders to display or show how they will rule with justice before they make promises which are likely to be non-achievable. Malawians need justice and not political rhetoric in order to be benefit from the public resources.

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