Malunga apologises to Nomads

Suspended Mighty Wanderers FC supporters committee chairperson Yona Green- Malunga has swallowed his pride and apologised to both the executive and the main supporters committees for his misconduct.

The showy Nomads top fan was slapped with an indefinite suspension in November last year for insubordination.

The club’s vice-general secretary Richard Kambalame and main supporters committee secretary Felix Njaya confirmed the development on Tuesday.

But Kambalame said the executive committee is yet to discuss Malunga’s apology.

“He indeed appeared before the executive and expressed remorse for his action. He asked for forgiveness, but we are yet to meet and make a decision,” Kambalame said.

Njaya said Malunga also approached his committee and apologised for his wrong doing.

“We, therefore, wrote the executive committee to consider lifting his suspension having noted that he had shown a lot of remorse. We are still waiting for the response. However, I can safely say the issue is a closed chapter,” Njaya said.

Malunga confirmed apologising, but refused to shed more light on the issue.

“If you have spoken to Kambalame and Njaya, then it is alright. I do not think there is need for me to comment,” he said.

After he was slapped with the suspension, Malunga spoke tough and challenged that both the club’s GS [George Chamangwana] and his deputy [Kambalame] had no power to suspend him because they were appointed to their positions.

Malunga was found guilty of unilaterally granting interviews to the media about his planned march to demonstrate against FAM’s decision to extend the Nomads ban on the use of Kamuzu Stadium to other competitions. He was also found guilty of issuing threats to FAM GS Suzgo Nyirenda on the same matter by phone.

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