Mawu budding writers to raise funds for book publishing

The budding writers’ desk of the Malawi Writers Union (Mawu) is set to hold a big walk early August to raise money to publish writers’ manuscripts.

The chairperson of budding writers at Mawu, Martin Matandika, told The Nation that the union wants to help budding writers publish their works as they have remained unpublished for many years.

Patrons follow proceedings during an earlier fundraising event

“We are going to have a big walk in August. So, we are appealing to well-wishers to help us with money to buy T-shirts, drinks and some logistics for the big walk. The big walk itself is intended to solicit money for publishing books,” he said.   

Matandika said many writers have manuscripts but have no means of publishing them.

Said Matandika:  “The cost of publishing books in the country is prohibitive. Unfortunately, as a union, we do not have sufficient funds that can cater for this project.”

Mawu had a poetry show in April at Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC) to generate money to publish books but it was marred by low turnout and did not generate much funds.

Matandika said writers in Malawi have a lot of issues they want to address through writing. 

“A writer does not just write about one thing. He writes on various issues such as climate change through actions of deforestation, irrigation, soil conservation and entrepreneurship.

“These are issues that we want people to be reading so that we can transform our country through reading-as you know, knowledge is power,” he said.

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