Mdina Chess Tourney eyes South, Centre

Mdina Business Solutions have revealed that they would split the K800 000 (about $4 790) chess tournament into Southern Region and Central Region events this year.

The annual contest has been taking place in the South since its introduction in 2010, but according to the company’s South Africa-based managing director Tiwone Mdina, the sponsorship money will be halved between the South and the Centre.

“Central Region players asked me to take the event to them because they have no sponsorship. But after realising that the Southern Region would also complain if we move the whole sponsorship to the Central Region, so we have decided to split it into two,” said Mdina in a telephone interview from South Africa on Sunday.

Both the Southern Region Chess League (SRCL) chairperson Stanley Mtuwa and his Central Region counterpart Stanley Kafere have welcomed the development, saying it would help to balance the sponsorship equation in the country.

On his part, Chess Association of Malawi (Chessam) publicist Gilton Mkumbwa said his body will have no problem with the development.

“As long as the company continues to support chess, we have no problem. We are grateful for their support,” he said.

Kajani Kaunda won the first Mdina Chess Tournament which started with K120 000 (about $718) sponsorship. Edgar Khan is the current title holder.

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