Memons relieve KCH

Members of the Memon Society have donated medical equipment and food items to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe in commemoration of their grouping.

Memons are one of three dominant tribes of India and have formed an association with local chapters across the world in places these people migrated to.

Ngoma (L) and Haroon during the handover event

The donation comprises 20 wheelchairs, two oxygen concentrators and 50 food packs.

Memons Malawi chapter chairperson Haroon Sacranie said the decision on what items to donate was arrived at in consultation with KCH.

He further said the donation is not going to be a once off thing as the two institutions have now established a relationship.

“We hope that we shall be supporting this hospital now that we have established this relationship. This is going to be regardless of whether it is a Memon day or not.

“We are all born here. We are part and parcel of this community,” said Sacraine.

KCH director Jonathan Ngoma said the support will go a long way in alleviating challenges at the hospital.

He said one of the biggest challenge in the hospital is morbidity of patients where most of the wheel chairs have broken wheels.

“Basically, we need everything here because the demands of our services outweigh the supplies we have,” said Ngoma.

According to him, orthopaedic department is also in need of materials such as pins and screws due to the rising road carnage which result in broken bones. Ngoma further said the facility’s capacity to deal with situations is sometimes compromised because of lack of materials and not necessarily experts to do such.

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