Muluzi speaks out on help to martyrs

Former president Bakili Muluzi has said the tendency of celebrating the country’s martyrs after their death must be discouraged, urging Capital Hill to devise a system that would see people who fought for
Malawi’s freedom getting help whilst alive.

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Bakili Muluzi: spoke out

Speaking in an interview recently as he reacted to the death of martyr Rose Chibambo, Muluzi said “the dead do not listen to eulogies, and martyrs must be appreciated while they are living.” Stressed the former president: “If Bakili Muluzi is to be thanked for whatever contribution he has made to the country, please do that today, because when I go, I will not be there to see or enjoy the help. “We have got a tendency of celebrating the life of somebody, singing all songs of praises after they are dead, I think that should not be encouraged. Let us remember those that made contributions to this country when they are alive.” Muluzi said there few martyrs left as most of them are dead, adding, the few would not drain a lot from the country’s coffers. Retired politician Gwanda Chakuamba who last year made headlines for asking help to pay rentals, among other necessities, said  after 1994, there was need to devise a charity program for the martyrs.
“I think there was a mistake after 1994 because when people starting returning from exile, there was no programme on how they would be compensated or taken care of. But it is not too late, I urge
government to start taking care of those still alive,” he said. Government spokesperson Jappie Mhango said government is already looking into the proposal. “Government, through the Ministry of Gender, is working on a number of policies that would help our martyrs,” said Mhango, without mentioning such policies and their specifics.[

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