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  • Kim to sponsor school dropouts through album sales

Art in life is an outlet for self-expression of all kinds of emotions. To celebrate art is to celebrate human expression in the different forms it takes.

Kim: I've come to the conclusion that life is all about love and truth
Kim: I’ve come to the conclusion that life is all about love and truth

And using this as the basis of her music, new gospel artist Kimberly Kaunda says she will use her music to effect change in her community.

According to Kim, who trades under the shorter version of her name, the aim is to help school dropouts by assisting them with school fees.

“Every K500 from each CD sold will go for this educational initiative. I will also work hand-in-hand with Sponsor a Student Ministry where various individuals in Malawi are also able to assist students with school fees and other learning materials. I also look forward to partnering with other individuals and organisations as well to ensure children and youth enjoy their right to good education,” she tells On the Arts.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that life is all about love and truth. Love allows you to be selfless in sharing your time, money, resources and whatever else. Truth preserves your dignity and that of others, makes life far much simpler and sets you free from any kind of deceit and complications, it also opens doors to connecting with others on a personal level,” the third year Catholic University business administration student expounds her philosophy in an interview with On the Arts.

The artist says the motivation to aid students stems from the fact to achieve an increased development of the country like Malawi and its successful integration into the international community, it is necessary to have a high level of literacy, education and a population capable to work.

“Therefore, education of youth represents a state priority. Far even much better, if most of the girls are educated and confident to face the world with all its challenges and opportunities. Poverty is one of main hindrances to the education of children and youth,” she says.

Kim’s debut album Freedom will be released on May 25 and she says it offers a fresh perspective of Malawian music?

“The listener needs to know that the world is bigger than them, than any of us and that as we go through life, we have to be able to put ourselves in other people’s shoes, be able to imagine their emotions, or where they are coming from and where they might intend to go,” she says.

Kim says her work is inspired by life.

“I don’t think there is one role any person plays within a community, there are multiple roles we all play. From being a friend to someone, a kind stranger to another, a leader to others, a parent or something, there is no definite one role for me or for others.

“I see myself as an invaluable member of society who will contribute to its progress and growth in different ways. I am a creative person at heart and I will always find ways to use that to better my life and the life of others,” she explains.

Kim was born on May 27 1990 and developed her love for singing and songwriting around the age of 10.

She started learning how to play a guitar around 16 from her father who, she says, is an exceptional guitarist.

Her influences and inspiration include musical greats such as Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Bob Marley, India Arie, literary icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and her father.

In her album Freedom, she worked with renowned artist and producer Lawi and her brother Manyanda in the composing and production of the 17-track album.

The album, recorded at Lawi Music Garage, features gospel hip-hop artist KBG and will be released under the new music label Brand Inc.


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