My sister is too close to my man

Dear Biggie,

I am married to this amazing man. He loves me. He does not lie to me. He comes home at 5pm and does not drink. He fell from heaven, may be, because he is too nice. All my relatives love him too.

But my problem is that my elder sister whose husband died in a road accident  some years ago and stays with us. She  has taken her liking for him a step too far. She is always close to my man to the extent that most of the time they are together watching Premier League football on TV or cooking. They often drive out together including picking up her and our kids at school.  Even they do shopping for the household together. When going to work, they leave in his vehicle despite the fact that she has a Vitz of her own.  To me she has become more of a wife to him than I am.

I am afraid to approach them both, because I do not want my man to hate me for being jealous. The other part of me is happy that my sister is taking good care of my man because I do not spend much time with him as I am too busy as a medical doctor.

I love them both to bits. But is my husband in a safe pair of hands or I am right to get concerned?

Dr. J, Blantyre.

Dearest Dr. J

If I were you I would be asking: Is my husband between a safe pair of thighs? Because while you are busy, I can bet with my last coin that your elder sister and husband also get busy rocking and rolling.

Let me tell you, you cannot trust a woman with your man, even if it were your sister, especially your elder sister, because she knows your shortfalls and how to capitalise on them.

The good thing though is that unlike younger sisters who often snatch their sister’s husband for themselves, an elder sister is so mature that she takes care of business quietly, and I can assure you that you won’t lose your man to her or anyone. She is surely taking good care of him.

However, my assumption is that your husband is not in love with her, because as we all know that elder sisters are not that attractive, the younger ones are. So you are safe my dear. But your elder sister in this case is just a willing partner in whatever your man is up to.

Until you start finding time for your husband, your sister will be there for him. Ever heard the adage, the nearest is the dearest?

So, my dear, would you want your man to stray to slay queens or let your sister take care of ‘family’ business for now? Make your choice!

Too busy? Munayamba kugwila ntchito ya udotolo ndinu? Isaaa!

Big Man Wamkulu

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