No flowers, please mom!

Tiyende opanda malaya kuti adziwe tikufuna thandizo? [Should we march naked for them to know we need support?]” this was NAM president Rosy Chinunda’s desperate cry for Malawi Queens support last week ahead of Fast5 World Netball Series in Australia.

Nevertheless, the Queens went on with their preparations for the global showcase and did not give a damn having zibonga instead of mineral water after a hard day’s training. They did not make a fuss about having chiwaya chips at Ginnery Corner.

The Queens celebrate their victory
The Queens celebrate their victory

They still gave out something extra for the cause of their motherland basked in the global limelight as their romantic flirtation with world netball reached new dizzy heights when they finished third at the tournament.

They were befitingly feted like African Queens by a sporting world hungry for the global appeal of feel-good tales of the biblical little David that brings down Goliath

And it felt so good watching them turn the Hisense Arena into a theatre of celebrations—shaking the hips to the left then to the right—boy, oh boy!

But as the saying goes, success has many fathers and failure is a lonely orphan and believe you me, there will be hundreds of VIPs at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) today majekete yambakata yambakata to welcome the Queens from a defining tour of duty even after turning a deaf ear to NAM’s cry.

Last time, as they arrived from World netball Cup, the First Lady Getrude Mutharika was there and only rewarded them with flowers. But  I am hoping that this time around, she will reward them with the ‘change’ in dollars she brought from the US. If you already arranged flowers mom, please don’t bother keep them somewhere safe at the palace and give them to APM on Valentine’s Day next year, after all it just a few months away.

As for me, I will offer them free massage sessions. Tikathowe zimenezi!  AOB: Before the tournament, Griffin ‘Zagallo’ Saenda declared to finish in the top four and he did it to perfection. No need to look elsewhere for the next Flames coach Walter, this is the right guy!  Glory be to God. Uloliwe, uloliwe wayidudula, neng’esiza hah! (Oh yes, the train is pushing).


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