Nyamilandu bows to affiliates demands

With six months before elections at the Football Association of Malawi (FAM), incumbent president Walter Nyamilandu has bowed down to pressure from six affiliates to stand for another term.


Central, Southern and Northern regions football associations plus the National Youth Football Committee (NFYC) and National Coaches Association (NRC) are some of the FAM affiliates The Nation talked to, which want Nyamilandu to stand again.

“I am reconsidering my position and instead I will stand. It is not an easy decision, but if the affiliates want me, I should listen. It means they have confidence in my ability,” said Nyamilandu in an interview from Blantyre.

NFYC president Mabvuto Missi in an interview from Blantyre on Wednesday said: “Since Nyamilandu announced that he will not stand again, we have seen no one with credibility coming forward to stand for the FAM presidency and this is why we want him to stand again. Apart from that, he has proved to be a developmental conscious leader.”

Missi said the FAM constitution does not limit terms and Nyamilandu will go through a credible democratic process before being elected.

“We are not shutting doors on anyone, but we need these people to come forward now so that we scrutinise them and see what they have to offer. We do not want people to come out at the last minute as that will be too late for us to see what they have,” he said.

The Super league of Malawi (Sulom), which regulates Super League games, says they have no problems with Nyamilandu seeking re-election.

“We welcome anyone who wants to contest. The constitution is clear that he can stand again. We will scrutinise his vision for football and seen, if he has the interties of football. The same will apply to any candidate who wants to vie for the FAM presidency position,” said Sulom treasurer TiyaSomba-Banda, who also speaks for the institution.

Central Region Football Association (CRFA) general secretary Bernard Harawa and Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) chairperson Raphael Humba have also confirmed that their respective associations have approached Nyamilandu to stand again.

“As CRFA, we also want to enjoy from the Fifa Goal Projects that Nyamilandu has been championing in all the regions,” said Harawa.

Northern Region Football Association (NRFA) general secretary Alfred Gunda said the reason they want Nyamilandu is because he is visionary.

“We do not need to have change of leadership just for the sake of change. We have to prepare good succession for the next generation leaders. We have really asked him to stand again,” said Gunda.

But the National Women Football Committee is yet to decide, according to presidentSeveriaChalira.

“We are yet to discuss that as a committee. Once we meet and that topic is tabled, I will tell you of our decision. Personally, I have no problem with his standing. As a committee, we have seen some strides in women football,” said Chalira.

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    This article could be the work of Nyamilandu himself testing the waters, paja kumalawi kuno mumazikonda zimenezi.Kumakhala ngati kuti eniakewo sizikuwakhudza koma atamulipira reporter kuti alembe mbwererazi. si campaign kale imeneyi? where are your ethics The Nation? have you given much support to the other interested members? Analyse your stories before they get published.

    Now look, Nyamilandu comes from the north and all the mentioned associations’ leaders are northerners hence they want a fellow northerner to continue being FAM president. No wonder FAM is full of people from the same region and even majority of the players who are embarrassing us in any tournament comes from the North as well. As far as Nyamilandu still remains on that position and FAM remains with northerners do not expect anything good from The Flames as it is the same people(at FAM) who give national team coaches names of players to be featured in a game.

    All the mentioned associations headed by the northerners are just giving out their personal opinion on the matter as if they are being asked about a personal opinion. When did the NFYC,CRFA,NRFA and SRFA committees met to discuss Nyamilandu’s canditure?The NWFC led by Severia Chalira is very professional as she cannot comment on the issue unless the committee meet and discuss the issue, that is the way to go as an association leader.

    My simple piece of advise to Water Nyamilandu is: leave the stage when your salt is still taste than to leave it embarrassingly like your brother in arms Sepp Blatter. That way you will leave a legacy that many will find two deep to compare with.

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