ONE ON ONE with Higger Mkandawire

Go to New Apostolic Church in Blantyre, you will find him. Visit Big Bullets boardroom, he is there taking notes. Go to Bullets games, you will find him leaping in the air like a dolphin. Tune in to Radio Two FM every Saturday noon, he is presenting Masese Happy Hour. Such is the truth about Big Bullets acting general secretary Higger Mkandawire (Big Bullets’ acting general secretary, HM). And by the way, he is also an assistant lecturer at a top university college in Blantyre. News analyst PETER KANJERE (PK) had a chat with him.

PK: May you be my guest, please?

HM: No problem my brother!

PK: What are you really? You seem to be a Jack of all trades.

HM: Higger Mkandawire is first a Bullets fan, then the rest follows.

PK: Your best Bullets player ever?

HM: Lawrence ‘Teacher’ Waya.

PK: You brag about Chibuku when on air, do you drink the opaque beer?

HM: (Laughs at length) When I am on air, it is easy to make that conclusion; otherwise, I just go by listenership’s test.

PK: Where is Ben Sawanga?

HM: He is in Zimbabwe. As a businessperson, he goes where there is business. On paper, he is still the GS.

PK: What does your role as acting GS entail?

HM: I am the link between the squad and management. I am also like a public relations officer, coordinating several units of the team.

PK: It must be a double blow for you being also an Arsenal fan as both your teams have gone through a seven-year cup drought.

HM: Bullets problems are purely financial. The Fama Cup could be our first in recent years. Arsenal are not only about winning trophies but also making profits through sale of players.

PK: How true are reports that when working as a lecturer, you are stingy with marks?

HM: At tertially level, you have to earn marks. I do not donate marks.


Marital Status : Married father of one child.

Qualifications : BA (Management Information Systems, Unima).

Home of origin : Mlowe Village, T/A Mwamlowe, Rumphi.

Date of birth : June 7.

Hobbies : Going to church, playing chess, watching football Spanish, Italian and Arabic

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