Peter Mutharika

President of the Republic of Malawi, I would realise that setting a reconciliatory tone in my New Year’s Day address was sweet to the ear and, for that, yours truly pledges to buy you Château Cheval Blanc which is the most expensive wine on the market.

If I were APM, I would realise that my appeal to Malawians to practise clean politics that entrenches love, unity and peace is what is expected of me as the State President.

Oh yes, Your Excellency, your call was a breath of fresh air, especially coming from someone known for words like ndikunyenyaninyenyani and ‘I will fall on you like a tonne of bricks’. My appeal to the electorate to reject politics of castigation, was commendable.

However, if I were APM, I would make sure that I walk the talk and not turn a blind eye to politics of castigation by my Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials during rallies.

While time has indeed come for politicians to rise above petty politics, I would realise that Malawians will be following with keen interest to see if I will live by my word.

That is if only I were Adadi, unfortunately I am not him.

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