Phyzix recreates himself in new album

The release of Phyzix’s third album Follow the Leader is expected to portray a vast transformation in a man whose lyrics in earlier pieces such as Cholapitsa and Abwana depicted a bitter person- one always ready to pick a fight.

Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka, agrees that his music has evolved.

“My earlier music was intended to make a name for myself, but I guess I have achieved that now. This album is about expressing myself and not trying to impress anyone,” says the artist, who also runs the Bantu Record label.

With the multi-talented Qabaniso Malewezi helping in the studio work, the album is expected to be a hit. Daredevil, Dominant 1, DJ Slay, Sonye, Dizo, Snowky, Dryson and Struggle also helped in the production.

The mix tape starts with the title track Follow the Leader.

Just as wine is said to improve with age, Phyzix’s music seems to be getting better as he ages. Both the lyrics and sound are much more mature.

In his compositions, Phyzix has emphasised entrepreneurship as the key for survival for the largely unemployed young citizenry.

The album also depicts such themes as hard-work, self-sustainability, developing a saving culture and re-arranging one’s priorities in life.

Song birds Sheena and Complex add spice to the songs that also feature acclaimed artists Dominant 1 and Dizo.

Phyzix plans to launch the album in Blantyre as the first two were launched in Mzuzu and Lilongwe respectively.

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