Political motive is not political will

The main reason for campaigning is to win votes, especially of the undecided individuals.  In fact, by the time campaign starts, the majority of Malawians might have already decided who to vote for based on the political will candidates display. 

Meanwhile, it is easier to judge the political will of those candidates who had been in power for the past five years, be it members of Parliament (MPs) as well as President Peter Mutharika. May be those candidates who have not been in power before can be given the benefit of the doubt on political will.

With all due respect, the current government has shown no political will at all.  This is why Malawians are suffering as if there is no government. People with power are busy converting taxpayers’ money into personal fortunes through corruption and government has no clue on how to stop them. As if having a weak government is not bad enough, most MPs have shown no political will, too. 

Just imagine, soon after being voted into power some MPs run away from their constituencies and live in towns, only to return during elections, when seeking another term. This is unfair. Some MPs do not even have the guts to make sensible contributions in Parliament while others spend most of their time dozing during deliberations in the august House. Re-electing such people can be disastrous.  One can only hope that voters will look at things stated here and many more that show political will of lack of it.

What is laughable is that suddenly candidates are doing things for the people, such as repairing roads, school blocks, and building makeshift bridges, etc. These are gimmicks for buying votes.  Such gimmicks are also seen at presidential level. Recently, it has been reported in the media that the President has promoted over 1 000 teachers.

The promotion of teachers was done in a hurry to the extent that even dead and retired ones have been promoted.  This shows real desperation to get votes. People can remember that teachers have, for a long time, been crying for promotions, but nothing was done.

It is bad that people have to wait for five years to be treated well as those in authority seek votes. The same has been the case with these fast-tracked road projects done throughout the country that the President has been opening recently and yet they are already dangerously cracked. For example, the recently opened Karonga–Kaporo–Songwe Road.

The motive for rushing road construction this year is not necessarily about development but for buying votes. It goes without saying that any leader in government who expects to be voted into power because of building roads, schools, hospitals etc is a sign of weak mindedness. 

Such a leader must know that doing what is stated here is government responsibility by using taxpayers’ money. The problem in this country is that some people are so brainwashed to think that every development in the country is personally paid by the President, who they think deserves to be thanked by their vote.

It must be said that political will by a leader must be an everyday thing and not just an election wonder. Our leaders should emulate President John Magufuli of Tanzania next door, who does what he says and shows steadfast political will. Malawian leaders should know that political motive is not political will. n

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