PP only bought 3 cars—Kalinde

Kalinde: You can check with Toyota
Kalinde: You can check with Toyota

People’s Party (PP) director of political affairs Anita Kalinde yesterday challenged critics of the ruling party to check with Toyota Malawi the number of vehicles the party bought.

She told Parliament that PP bought only three vehicles and that the rest of the fleet was donated by well-wishers.

Kalinde was responding to information circulating in various media that the orange-painted vehicles were bought using money stolen from government coffers by companies close to PP senior politicians, including herself.

She also warned that intelligence officers were investigating the smear campaign on social media forums against innocent politicians such as herself and PP.

Kalinde, who is Minister of Water and Irrigation, claimed PP was financed by well-wishers known by the people and whose information could be publicised if there was a law on disclosing party financing.

A reminder from Speaker of Parliament Henry Chimunthu Banda to talk about substantive matters did not deter Kalinde who said the looting of money at Capital Hill was being politicised by jealous individuals who “cannot believe are no longer in government.”

Commenting on a point of order from Balaka Central East MP Aufi Mpaweni’s complaint about Kalinde’s tone, the Speaker ruled that the minister had gone too far.

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    With all due respect madam, this is taking Malawians as fools. Who are these well wishers and what is their source of funding? It is the same money that has been looted from capital to purchase those vehicles. We need to know the details of these well wishers. This time as Malawians we are not taking anything that is being passed on to us. We need to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

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    Nkhani mayi Anita Kalinde ndiyakuti pali anthu ena amuchipani chanu cha PP amene anthu akukhulupiririra kuti anaba ndalama mboma nkuthandiza chipani kugula magalimoto. Mwina ena alipo amene anaperekanso magalimoto mwachilungamo ku chipani. Anthu amene aMalawife tikufuna afufudzidwe ndi omwe anatibera ndalamawo basi. Osaopsezanapo ayi, ngati chilungamo chinalipo palibe chodandaula ayi chifukwa Chauta akudziwa ndipo anthu adzakuvomereza mathero a mafufuzidwe.

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    chindere cha ku ndata · Edit

    all the cars but three have been lutepoed into PP. zodziwana ndikumapangana protect. that is why mukunama kuti Lutepo akufunidwa ndi a interpol when in fact his name is not on wanted list. go to this link and check whether indeed akumufuna zabodza. La manondo lilipo koma osati la Lutepo


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