Queens to host Botswana

Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) has started preparations for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia by arranging a friendly game for the Queens.

The Queens will host Botswana in a testing match during the first week of May, according to NAM president Rosy Chinunda. Queens assistant coach Sam Kanyenda has also confirmed the game.

Botswana will tour Malawi next month

“We are playing Botswana first week of May, as part of 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth preparations. Botswana have accepted and they are coming. We want to have at least two or three testing matches before the big competition. We are also talking with Uganda and Zambia so that we can also play them, “said Chinunda.

She said she could have loved if the Queens played testing matches with the teams that are in the top six ranking.

“We could wish if we could be playing friendlies with teams that are in top six, but we are handicapped on finances. Playing with these teams could give us a true picture of our strength and weakness, rather than these teams that are below us on the ranking. We gain nothing from them apart from keeping the girls active” said Chinunda.

Kanyenda said: “We have new players who need to fill what it takes to play in national team, so the game will help us to monitor the young players before the big competition.”

 The Queens, will also participate at Africa Championship staged next month in Uganda.


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