Rapper Penjani ‘gives’ Ufulu

 Blantyre-based Christian rapper, Penjani Mzumara, has released a new song, titled Ufulu. The song highlights Jesus Christ’s love on the Cross of Calvary.

In the song, which features King D, Penjani sings about the love of Christ that saw him being crucified to redeem human kind from sin.

He said the tune is for people to keep themselves in line with God’s will.

“We do not need to worry about what may come tomorrow as He has great plans for us. Our freedom is in Christ, so we should strive to live right,” said Penjani.

Penjani: Our freedom is in Christ

Though it is hip-hop music, whose majority audience are the youth, the Amatikonda hitmaker has given poetic and social relatable lyrics that every age group can relate with.

The song carries thought-provoking as well as joyful messages that give hope of victorious life.

Penjani raps in part: “Chisomo chakumwamba chinakugwera/ Ndiye unafa ku thupi uzimu unadza/ Ufulu unadza kaamba ka Yesu/ Moyo wako uli m’manja mwake/ Osadanda kuti

 mawa udya chani/ Jesus died on Cross and paid the prices/ Let us celebrate forget the crisis.”

Reacting to the song on Penjani’s Facebook page, one of his fans, Sothine Jones, expressed excitement, saying the song is great and likely to be a hit.

Ufulu was produced by Jay Emm (vocals) and J Mass (instrumental) in Machinjiri, Blantyre.

The Amatikonda hitmaker has promised gospel hip-hop music fans to expect more tuneful songs with videos this year

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