Return of religious tolerance excites MP


Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Clement Chiwaya has lauded peaceful co-existence among faith groups in Mangochi, saying it is a right step towards development of the district.

Chiwaya made the sentiments on Tuesday at Mangochi Town Council Hall during district council elections.

He said he was happy that unlike in the past, when Mangochi used to be a bedrock of violence and chaos due to differences in religious beliefs, the district is now known for preaching peace, love and harmony.

“This is good for the development of the district and the country at large. Let us nurture the peaceful co-existence to help our district develop politically, socially, economically or technologically,” said Chiwaya, who is also parliamentarian for Mangochi Central Constituency legislator (United Democratic Front-UDF).

Part of ugly scenes against a goverment official resulting from religious intolerance in Mangochi

He commended religious leaders and civil society organisations (CSOs) for uniting the faithful, saying their efforts are being noted by government.

“Let me single-out religious leaders and CSOs who have been in the forefront advocating peaceful co-existence in this district. I know this has not come on a silver platter. It has taken the effort of some structures to reach at this far.  This is good and I say bravo to the cadres,” Chiwaya said.

He urged opinion leaders in the district, including politicians to strive at fostering peace as well as bringing rival parties to a round table when misunderstandings arise.

He also urged all people in the country to look each other as brothers and sisters, saying God is one and we are also one irrespective of our religious affiliation.

The election saw Ibrahim Kacheya, councillor for Mikoma Ward and Maimuna Mwanyali of Kalunga Ward retaining their seats as chairperson and vice-chairperson of the council, respectively. n

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