Rumphi youth clubs petition DC

Rumphi youth clubs   working in the Youth Forest Restoration Programme  have presented a petition to the district commissioner (DC) over money relating to the programme.

The six groups, comprising 35 members each, include Jaghala, Umodzi, Phalasito, Bumba, Salawe and Chikwawa.

The youth during their protest march to the DC’s office

Bumba  Club leader  Emmanuel Mwenechanya  said at the beginning of the 2019 tree planting season, they were promised money for planting and caring for seedlings.

 “We were promised K900 per person per day for 51 days. Surprisingly, after completing the work, we were told it is K900 per group per day and not per member,” he said.

 In his response to the petition, DC Fred Movete said it is just unfortunate the youth got the information wrongly during briefing.

He said youth clubs working in national activities are paid according to rules stipulated in the programme.

“Wages are paid to the group and not to individual members with an aim of uplifting the group as a whole,”said Movete.

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