Should I go back to my abusive wife?

Dear BMW,

I am torn between a rock and hard place. I separated from my wife of 10 years two years ago because I cheated on her and she became very cocky. She would throw tantrums and beat me when I come home late. The marriage became so toxic because of her short-temper which I could no longer stand, so I walked away to my ‘side chick’.

Actually, the ‘side chick’ was also married. But I convinced her to walk away from her childless marriage because she was unhappy and the man treated her like crap. I have been happy ever since we started living together and very much in-love with her until I found out that I was being played.

My woman has been shagging her boss! When I confronted her, she confessed that she see him to help us financially since I am not working and bills are killing her pockets. When I asked how many times she has slept with the idiot, she responded that he has been watering her lawns for over a year.

Biggy, I am devastated and heart-broken. I hate her for cheating on me. The very thought of her shagging another man makes me puke. Should I continue the relationship with her or I should go back to my wife and withstand the beating?

Yours truly

CFM, via WhatsApp, Kudya, Blantyre

Dear CFM,

There’s no type of cheating that feels good, per se. That is why your wife was throwing all kinds of tantrums. But I guess, you have just had a good dose of your medicine and amazingly your partner has been a drunken recipient of a co-worker’s smooch—wow. Nothing hates as bad as finding out your partner met up with a co-worker to hook up, multiple times.

But should you leave and go back to a woman you dumped? I think that will be a wrong move, especially if you are walking into someone who used to beat you up. The best you can do is endure the cheating and pray that one day your new woman will change her ways.

For me, you are not so much blessed with intelligence and wit. In fact, to say that you are quite dumb and dull would not be very much far from the truth. Get me right, I am not so much given to modesty.

It is not just out of the blues to say that wisdom is not one of your greatest faculties. You were married and you were going out with a side chick who was also married. Then you cry wolf today that your ‘wife’ is now munching the goods with her boss! Dumb!

You are just swallowing the poison from your own spleen. Yoweta nkhuku sitigula pamsika baba! Yes, fisi ndi fisi ngakhale asinthe gomo.

I wonder why some dumb cheaters shed salty tears when their wives are seeing other men.

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