Silver fined K1.5m for supporters’ misconduct

The Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has fined Silver Strikers K1.5 million for offences related to their supporters’ misconduct during their match against Be Forward Wanderers at Silver Stadium on July 21 this year.

According to the Sulom ruling made on Sunday, Silver were, among other offences, found guilty of insulting Sulom officials and failing to control their supporters from invading the pitch.

It reads: “Silver Strikers is found guilty of insulting match officials, invading the pitch and preventing Sulom officials from presenting the man of the match accolade. Silver Strikers is also found guilty of bringing the game of football into disrepute.”

The Sulom disciplinary committee said the Bankers’ conduct were contrary to Article 21 sub-sections two, six, seven, nine, 13 and 53 of the Sulom Rules and Regulations.

To arrive at the ruling, Sulom said it used evidence from various sources.

“The Disciplinary Committee also had recourse to documentary evidence in the form of Match Assessor’s Report; Stewards’ Report; Police Report, Referee’s Report and Sulom Representative’s Report,” the statement reads.

The ruling stipulates that K500 000 is a fine for “invading the pitch and disrupting the normal proceedings of the game while the K1 million is punishment “for bringing the game into disrepute.”

Sulom has, in the meantime, warned Silver that a repeat of such conduct will result in a stiffer punishment.

“According to Article 21 (3) of the Sulom Rules and Regulations, Silver Strikers is seriously warned of unbecoming behaviour of its supporters and hereby advised that any reported improper conduct by supporters will lead to stiffer punishments,” Sulom says.

Silver, according to the ruling, did not respond to the charges.

When contacted yesterday, the Bankers chairperson Peter Chando said he would only comment once he has finished reading the ruling.

“I am not aware of that ruling. However, I will find it and read it. After that, I will be in a position to comment,” he said.

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