Skyband celebrates Africa Day

 Skyband, one of the country’s Internet service providers, has said it will continue to promote culture in its quest to advance inclusiveness in its business endeavours.

The firm has also urged the country to consider prioritising Africa Day celebrations, arguing “Africa is a blessed continent, so it is always good to show us in a positive light”.

Speaking during the company’s commemorations of the day on Friday in Blantyre, Skyband brand marketing officer Chawanangwa Mphande asked business captains to integrate cultural aspects in their operations for best results.

Food time: Patrons being served with food

“Skyband believes in unity. So, having events like this helps us bond in an informal setting, have a time for team building and just gathering and socialising together.

“Most importantly, the day stands to collectively celebrate the independence the continent gained from its colonial masters, a move that helped us redefine our heritage. It’s a pity we don’t celebrate the day extensively as a nation,” she said.

The day was characterised by patrons in traditional and African wear, while Skyband staff indulged served local dishes.

“As an office, we saw it fit to celebrate the Africa Day, our pride in being African, part of the African unity,” said Mphande.

One of the patrons at the event, Yamikani Yapuwa, hailed the firm for organising the commemorations.

“I personally have learnt a great deal about both the firm and the day. Above all, I have had the chance to taste some foods I last tasted ages ago. The day has surely revived the urge in me to go for local foods occasionally,” she said.

With over 14 years of experience in the Internet Service sector, Skyband has evolved from a dial-up ISP in 2000 to the market leader in the country’s communications and Internet service provision sector

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