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I hear that of late you have been very busy shuttling between cities and chambers trying to make sense of the nonsense that lawyers representing the civil society and the State have been shoving down your throat following May 21 elections rigging claims and the consequent defamation charges.

I understand you have been forced to chew some unpalatable legal documents that were hurriedly prepared by overzealous lawyers who want to cash in during such times, but that is not the issue I want to bring to your attention. Forgive my digression my Lord.

It is the government’s failure to celebrate a remarkable achievement the country attained recently that has kept me wondering and eventually forced me to seek your indulgence.

Only last week, Nyasaland was ranked the fourth poorest country in the world by the Worldwide Finance Magazine.

You don’t need to be a Premier League fan to understand that attaining such a fourth position is no mean achievement.

That position guarantees us an opportunity to compete in the Champions League of fellow poor nations; countries that are performing exceptionally well in impoverishing their people while the rich few share among themselves with reckless abandon the meagre resources available.

My Lord, why is there silence when Nyasaland has achieved such a remarkable feat? Jingles should have been playing on national radio and television, celebrating this progress.

I am worried, My Lord, that the country has developed a habit of ignoring such achievements; hence, my application.

In case you have forgotten, My Lord, when Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index showed that Malawi had moved up eight places from position 112 to 120 out of 175 countries; there was no celebration!

My Lord, isn’t it travesty of justice to let this recognition pass quietly? Being in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League of Poor Nations is stuff of dreams. Moving places on a perception index is no mean achievement, either. For a country that has celebrated every honour bestowed on Mapuya and people he leads, it was strange that this accomplishment was received without fan-fare.

My Lord, where are the celebratory programmes that regularly follow any

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