Song for women empowerment

Music unites people from diverse backgrounds and cuts across tribe, religion or political affiliations. In the same vein, seven budding musicians have teamed up to produce a song promoting women representation in all spheres of life.

Team leader Trace Kanyongolo told On The Arts that as artists they decided to leave the profiting drive and record a song  to appeal to Malawians on the importance of ensurin ensuring that women are given a voice on all matters of national interest.

Black Diamond is one of artists featured in the song

“We feel as artists we can use our voice for the good of the society.We are glad that through this song, Maudindo 50-50, we have spoken to Malawians in an artistic way which is likely to capture the attention and hopefully make them embrace this 50-50 concept,” he said.

The artists in the project are Kanyongolo himself, Black Diamond, Nestizo, Abbie-K, Mzati, Chisomo and Kamlaka.

“I know many may feel the song has come out late since elections are over, but the song is encompassing all aspects of public life, including Cabinet. We are encouraging equal representation even in parastatal institutions and religious circles,” said Kanyongolo.

The up-and-coming artists said they have previously been involved in a similar project before.

“We did a theme song for Association of Persons Living with Albinism in Malawi [Apam]. The title of the song is We are one,” Kanyongolo said.

He said that the same group also recorded two songs to promote the rights of the elderly in Malawi in 2016 in the wake of some attacks on older citizens.

Kanyongolo said: “We do theme songs for the good of the society. While promoting matters of national interest, we are also making names for ourselves.”

The song was recorded at Insight Media while the video has been shot and produced by Kwacha Inc.

One of the musicians on the project, Mzati said as artists they respect women’s rights and it is high time Malawi as a country did the same.

“There are things we men cannot do and they rely on women and at the same time there are also things that women cannot do and rely on us men. What it means is that we are all equal and important; hence, the need to go 50-50,” said Mzati.

He said it is disheartening to note that women are sometimes abused regardless of their contribution to society.

“As youthful artists, we are concerned and we feel we can use our talent to fight this injustice against our women,” he said.

Done in R ‘n’ B style, the song blends well the voices of all seven artists and runs for five minutes 56 seconds.

“Kaya mzimayi, kaya mtsikana misamuopseze mma udindo

Maudindo ndi 50-50

Wautsina khutu ndi mnasi  Dziwa mayi ali ndi kuthekela si mmayi wamba yeee” …goes the song in part.

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