Sonye’s Tsika thrills


Who throws a party without Sonye’s Tsika being on the playlist? Which DJ does not have Tsika on their playlist?

The traditional up-beat song is one of the most overplayed songs the past three months.

Sonye: I started learning how to play music on keyboard when I was 14 years old
Sonye: I started learning how to play music on keyboard when I was 14 years old

But it is not the first time the 25-year old is rocking the airwaves with his danceable tunes. The musician is a serial hit-maker.

The artist debuted with his single, Mr Captain, but he sprung to stardom after releasing his debut album BreakPoint in 2011, which had songs that, just like Tsika, became the most played—songs such as Tabwera, Ukadutsa, Koma Iwe and Lips on my Lips.

The artist also gained respect as a producer for the production of Fikisa’s album in 2011 and Young Kay’s First Impression in 2009.

But Sonye, born Sonyezo Kandoje, did not miraculously become an artist and producer he is making hit songs in a flash.

“I started learning how to play music on keyboard in 2004 when I was 14 years old. In 2007, I was introduced to music producing softwares. In 2008 I partnered with Pempho Kafoteka and opened a music studio called Baseline Studio,” said Sonye.

“Our first project was Young Kay’s First Impression with the hit song Anankabango, which was released in 2009”.

It was the same year when Sonye recorded Mr Captain and released his debut album which was released 2011.

Just when his music career was on the peak, Sonye went on a musical break to further his education.

“I knew I would lose focus if I got comfortable with the fame and my music without furthering my education. Because either way education will play a very important role in whatever I will do in future. So, I don’t regret taking that break. Some say it was a bad move but to me that was one of the smartest move I have ever made in my career,” explained the Tsika hit-maker.

And although the artist has not been making musical appearances, he has been recording and releasing singles.

Last year in December, the artist announced his comeback after the release of his singles Katsabola, Kwacha, Konko and Golide.

“In the same year I have managed to set up a creative agency called Houston Creatives which produces all the creative works needed in advertisement for corporate companies,” he said.

He attributed his success to the support he gets from his mother.

“My mom has always been proud of my achievements. Not many parents would be happy for their children’s success in music and fame. A lot of great artists out there are afraid to showcase their talent simply because their parents will not allow them to do that. So, I’m grateful for my mother’s support,” said the Namiwawa resident.

The artist traces music from his roots with his older brother who was a drummer when he was at Chancellor College and the other two brothers recorded songs that enjoyed airplay on the radio in the 1990s.

“Although I was very young, I was told they were both hits at that time. So, I guess music just runs in the family and I would say they influenced me, but I didn’t know it,” said Sonye.

During his high school at Elma High, Sonye used to perform during talent shows at school, marking the genesis of his musical journey.

“I was influenced by hip hop music and house when I was young; hence, I started making hip hop and house beats. But later on after we opened the studio I was exposed to a lot of talent. When artists came to record I would guide them through, as a result I was training myself and I didn’t know it,” he explained.

But how did the Hip hop and R’n’b artist get to start producing songs with a traditional feel to it such as Tsika, Young Kay’s Anankabango and Fikisa’s self-titled album?

“Well, I love experimenting with different sounds. I was excited when Nyimbo Music Company brought the Fikisa project to our studio. He wanted to fuse the traditional sound with a bit of urban music. So, the Fikisa guys brought their traditional drums in the studio and we recorded them. It was easy to come up with that because the raw sound itself is amazing. Our traditional sound is to the best sound in the world. So, we made magic based on that sound,” he explained.

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