Status Quo series to hit the big screen


The modern world has been beset with challenges such as environment and climate change and human factors such as girl-child education.

In his new television series Status Quo, actor-cum-film director Arthur Chokhotho has attempted to address these challenges as well as other matters that continue to affect human kind.

The series’ storyline revolves around a university student, Dan, who has a talent in poetry and is inspired by the need to take care of the environment.

However, when he gets about his business, the experience evokes memories of his family lost during the 2015 floods.

Bonongwe (left) and Royo in one of the scenes

The tale gets even complicated when, while trying to get help for his situation from his tutor Linda Magalasi, the two end up romantically entangled.

The tutor has her own demons from the past as she was forced to drop out of school after a ‘Fisi’ impregnated her.

In an interview, Chokotho said his idea to tackle these issues was inspired by what the world is experiencing through climate change-related issues.

“We do not talk about these issues every day, but they have very devastating effects. As artists, maybe it is time we started creating a platform which can stir a positive debate which in the long run can help bring solutions,” he said.

The production, which is Chokhotho’s third after his work on When Sparkles are Lost and Soaked In Love, features Isaac Bonongwe as Dan, Juliet Royo as Linda, Queen Fayah as Queen Flames and Chokotho stars as Vuto.

The first episode features appearances from musicians CODE, Kenny Gilmore and Rick Deja. The producer has revealed that in future episodes there will be additional roles for several local musicians.

The series will be aired on tax-payer funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television, but Chokhotho is counting on prospective partnerships with some organisations to have the production aired on other television stations as well.

“The prospects are that we will partner with organisations that promote similar concepts. So, these partners will put in some funds which will aid our production costs.,” he said.

Speaking in a separate interview, Bonongwe, one of the lead actors in the series, said Chokhotho has over the years benefitted from the numerous acting roles he has taken in various television series.

“Malawians will surely enjoy this production. He has certainly come of age and the directorship he provided showed someone who knew what he wanted,” he said.

Chokhotho has previously starred in Shemu Joyah’s Seasons of a Life, Swiss-Germany film Baba’s Song and he started his acting career with a role in the Mama’s Restaurant series in 2003.

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