Sulom, referees clash over dues

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has urged the National Football Referees Committee (NFRC) not to lose its cool over K6 million outstanding dues for the just ended 2018 TNM Super League season.

This follows a complaint made by the referees body to Sulom over the delay to pay them their dues.

A referees captured in the line of duty during a Super League match

NFRC general secretary [GS] Chris Kalichelo yesterday said their patience with the flagship league’s governing body has worn thin.

“The problem is that it takes time for them [Sulom] to pay us our dues. Sometimes it takes up to three months and as a result, we get pressure from our members, especially now that the season is over.

“Our concern is that after the league concluded, Sulom does not have any other channel of generating income and we fear that the dues might overlap into the next season,” he said.

Kalichelo said they sent a number of reminders “and all we have had are assurances. Just this morning, I was in touch with their GS [Williams Banda] who has given an assurance that the issue is being urgently looked into. So, for now, we will take his word”.

He said the balance covers its members from all the three regions.

However, Banda yesterday said their delay to settle the dues is because Sulom is waiting for payment from some of its debtors.

“We have some clubs and media houses who owe us in excess of K40 million in affiliation fees and broadcasting rights, respectively and once we are paid, we will sort them out.

“Some of the teams are not sponsored and we understand their situation, as such, we do not take a hardline on them,” he said.

Banda also said the referees body should be understanding enough in that they were paid the bulk of their dues.

“For the entire season, the fees is about K28 million and so far, we have paid them K22 million, the latest payment being K4.5 million this month.

“Besides that, they recently increased their charges. We also spend K9 million per season on transportation alone for the referees. So, all these factors need to be taken into consideration,” said Banda.

He also said apart from the referees’ dues, they also have to source funding for their elective general assembly.

The referees charges for the just ended season were increased from K60 000 to K80 000 per set of four, minus match assessor who gets K12 000 per match.

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