Summon commission over rigging claims

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I write to petition your court to summon the Nyasaland Electoral Commission for treating with kid gloves serious allegations about rigging.

My Lord, we have heard on the campaign trail serious claims that elections in Nyasaland are always a product of some rigging by uncouth and unpatriotic citizens who don’t wish the nation well.

If the allegations were coming from mere plebeians from Simphasi, Tomali, Chatoloma or Luviri, I would have dismissed them as mere political whining by a bunch of politicians overwhelmed by campaign.

But the people whose mouths were spewing out revelations on how elections were either stolen or threats on how they would be stolen are not ordinary mortals.

The first one happens to be running a government that has a well oiled security apparatus and intelligence system that it would be uncanny to imagine him making allegations that have no basis at all.

This is the candidate who has spent most of his productive years doling out knowledge about law to some students in the United States of America.

My Lord, I don’t think that he assumed the leadership position of his party by accident as some would have it as he once served as a minister before the change of fortunes made him to ascend to the throne.

He had prior knowledge of how government machinery works.

My Lord, the second candidate who also made revelations about plans to rig the elections happened to be a learned person who understands the economic principles very well.

In fact, the two were bedmates in the presidency before they unceremoniously parted ways, something that tells us citizens that they are talking from an informed position.

My Lord, I believe these two presidential candidates are giving the Electoral Commission real ammunition to use to barricade their system so that no one rigs an election.

At least they have managed to confirm from these two people of repute that there is more than meets the eye during elections.

We can, therefore, say without fear of being contradicted by anyone that as we approach polling day, some people are busy scheming to reap where they did not sow.

Unfortunately, it is business as usual in the Nyasaland Electoral Commission yet the people with access to sophisticated intelligence that commissioners cannot have think otherwise.

My Lord, an example was given that some acts of arson were committed in an attempt to thwart justice in an election matter that was being challenged.

Surprisingly, there is dead silence from those entrusted with

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