Swimming team off to Namibia for Zone IV

The Malawi national swimming team will take part in the African Swimming Confederation (Cana) Zone IV Championship in Namibia from February 16 to 19.

Fifteen countries are expected to participate in the regional showcase with five taking part as guest teams from Zone III.

Some of the swimmers captured during training

National swimming coach Brave Lifa said the Cana Zone IV tournament is important as it is used as a qualifier for All Africa  Games and World Championship.

The team comprises seven female and four male swimmers, a mixture Lifa described as an approach to increasing participation in all events as well as qualifying chances. 

The swimmers will compete in 50 metres (m), 100m hits, with Ammara Pinto swimming in the 800m and Felipe Gomez  in the 200m free style.

“They will swim in a 50-metre pool, which unfortunately we do not have in Malawi as we only have a 25-metre pool,” Lifa said.

He said Gomez carries Malawi’s hopes of winning medals, an elite swimmer who shone during the National Championships held at the African Bible College.

The coach time management will be crucial if the team is to do well.

Tayamika Chang’anamuno, who has vast experience, having represented the country in various international tournaments, said she is happy with the team’s preparations.

The 18-year-old swimmer, who  has participated in big events such as the World Championship and African Junior Championship, said:  “I am always excited to take part in these events, its an honour to represent Malawi.”

Chang’anamuno also said she expects to beat all her personal best (PB’s) times, having had a 30.12s in 50m free style as her best shot.

Malawi Aquatic Union vice-president Monica Ching’anamuno said despite being the country’s ambassadors, they did not get help from government. She said so far they have been supported by World swimming body Fina and the swimmers’ parents. n

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