Tears for talented casualties


Well, voting in the much-anticipated May 21 2019 Tripartite Elections was over by 6pm on Tuesday. With unofficial results emerging from all corners of the country, it is always an exciting time for neutrals who are only watching from afar as  self-styled bigshots tumble and minnows rise.

It is pure joy for those who have secured victory and a time to forget for losers.

It is always tough for those who fall through as the process of reconciling both the resources and time invested is hard.This cannot be easy considering all the sacrifices one makes during the campaign period—including straining long-held relationships.

Questions may be asked why this entry appears to be delving into political issues. Here  we touch on several issues within our reach.

We can talk of this and that if such matters retain elements of subjects that excite us the most: Entertainment and art.

Just like the past elections, the 2019 polls had quite a good representation of individuals from the creative industry that we love so much.

It will be a great injustice if we do not mirror their performance in the elections because in the long run, their triumphant entry into the August House brings fresh hopes to the industry that has catapulted them to the top of the tricky game of numbers.

On the ballot appeared musicians Billy Kaunda who contested as an independent in Mzimba West Constituency, San B in Blantyre City Central; and Lucius Banda was fighting to retain his seat in Balaka North Constituency.

Others are Fredokiss who broke his political virginity with his candidature in Blantyre City South as did Tay Grin in Lilongwe City Centre Constituency, Samuel Malume Bokosi in Machinga central as well as actors Michael Usi and Bon Kalindo in Mulanje Central and Blantyre City East constituencies, respectively.

Unfortunately, it has not been a fairytale run for the industry’s representatives.

Out  of these eight candidates, only Kaunda and Bokosi have received the voters’ nod to represent them in Parliament in the next five years.

Commiserates to the six losers and congratulations to Billy and Bokosi.

To the losers, I can only say you fought a good battle. Sometimes it is the little things that separate the winner from the  loser. Apart from the aspirations that you had for the people that you were vying   to represent, I know you also had some dreams on how to help yourselves and the industry grow.

Being a member of Parliament helps an individual grow in so many ways. The networking which happens at such a top level opens one to new ideas, which in turn would have benefited them in other spheres of life.

My hearty feelings specially go out to Fredokiss and Tay Grin. In their youthfulness, the two are full of energy and fresh ideas that can help shape a new Malawi.  At their age and stage of their career, they sacrificed a lot to run for a political office. It was a huge jump for them and I hope this disappointment will not discourage them to try again next time.

Malawi’s policymaking ranks need such young minds. We cannot change as a country if we continue recycling the same personnel and methods that have failed to bring new results for decades. We need to usher in a new world order and we can do with throwing in new dogs to chase our dreams.

From an the arts perspective, I wish all the eight contenders made it to the August House so that, together as a block, they can help in pushing policies likely to make the neglected industry tick. That has been a cry for years.

The work is well cut out for Kaunda and Bokosi who are artistic voice in the house. We can only hope that he will not be overwhelmed.

To the other six, consider yourselves  winners-in-waiting.  Please come again!


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