Teveta seeks to integrate to regional skills framework

The Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education Training Authority (Teveta) says plans are at an advanced stage to integrate the country’s technical education qualifications framework to that of the Southern African Development Community (Sadc).

Nkhoma: Want comparable qualifications

Teveta executive director Wilson Makulumiza Nkhoma said in an interview that Teveta is producing more graduates who are not employed as such an integrated qualifications framework could enable them to easily get employment elsewhere using standard qualifications recognised in Sadc.

He said: “The world is becoming a global village and with Teveta as a regulatory body, we would like to see our graduates trained in these community technical colleges and the rest of the colleges in Malawi to be able to cross borders to get employment for instance in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa among others.

“Through this integration, we would like to make sure that we have a comparable qualifications framework so that somebody trained in Malawi and goes to a country like Zimbabwe or Namibia, his or her qualification should be recognised to get employment”.

Makulumiza Nkhoma said Malawi is a signatory to a protocol on education and training and it is an expectation for all members in Sadc to develop qualifications framework to assimilate to the regional requirement.Currently, Malawi has no national qualifications framework and, according to Makulumiza Nkhoma, for Malawi to compare properly with neighbouring countries then it is important to have the framework in place.

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