The candidates are not the saints you dreamt about

Dear judge Mbadwa,

My Lord in a few days from today Nyasas will be going to the polls to elect councillors, Members of Parliament and a president who will guide Nyasaland to its dreamland, if at all, in the next five years.

My Lord, various parties have promised us the moon; new ways of doing things or an improved way of managing the country.

Others have pledged to transform Nyasaland to the levels of Europe in the twinkling of an eye. It will be exciting to watch history unfolding in the elections that will be like no other.

In their heart of hearts though, the candidates know it is their selfish interests to rule us willy-nilly that is driving their agenda in this elections not the ‘welfare of the people at heart’ ruse they are selling us, My Lord.

Who doesn’t want power? Who doesn’t want to be in Cabinet and be chauffeur-driven in expensive vehicles bought with taxpayers’ money?

Of course, we know other supporters’ motivation is to vote for a candidate who will maintain their status quo in government. My Lord I know that a lot is at stake here as jobs are on the line.

A certain group is worried that they will lose their jobs if their candidate of choice loses while others are coveting key positions in parastatals, security agencies, embassies and even at State House if their preferred candidate assumes power after May 21.

It is not a crime to dream of becoming the next CEO of parastatal A or being part of the High Command of a security agency after the firing of the incumbents when a new government is ushered in.

It is not aan offence either to salivate at the prospect of being the longest serving employee of the incumbent administration if it manages to stay in power.

Regardless of the reasons for preferring a particular candidate, go and vote because it is your right.

So, My Lord, I will still vote for a leader whose selfish interests to rule Nyasaland appeal to my selfish interests to be governed.

My motivation for voting, therefore, is that I have a constitutional right to exercise even though I am not closer to any of these power hungry leaders who are talking in lofty manner like some saints now.

My Lord, I understand you are braced for another busy time in your tribunal as we are well aware how courts are used during such times, but that shouldn’t stop you from voting for your preferred candidate.

I don’t know whether you are the type of the judge who will also deliver incomprehensible judgments on electoral disputes brought before you in the middle of the night to confuse the electorate more.

It is not that I have

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