Theatre president in another political play

National Theatre Association of Malawi (Ntam) president Ian Chisekula has risen from the sidelines of censor’s onslaught on dramatists to announce the coming of his critical political play due next month.

According to Chisekula, Nyasaland at Crossroads will premiere at Kalikuti Hotel in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, on February 5.

However, the Ntam leader, who belongs to Rising Choreos and Theatre Company, said the cast pools actors from different drama groups for diversity and perfection.

“My production tackles various facets of the country’s pathetic state of affairs.  As artists, our take is that both government and its critics need deeper and decisive decisions to end the political and economic malaise that is crippling the country,” says Chisekula.

He reckons using the censorship board to crackdown on plays which offer another point of view to government will not stop the train of woes plaguing the country.

In the play synonymous to Michael Usi’s Loto Farao and Lions Theatre’s Semo, the dramatist proposes wide consultation and respect for opposition views as part of the roadmap for change.

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