This is for you General


As a kid growing up, I always dreamt of becoming a soldier some day and probably that is why I was so much into the world of toy guns and war games. I was so good that my peers called me ‘Rambo’.

These were days of real adventure when boys were boys and not the funny world of play station and ‘kublawuza’ as it is now. I also had my own ‘army’ and I realised how much power I had when my commands would be followed by my subjects—saluting me before they left for the tasks  and I felt proud as my charges marched while I barked ‘left! right! left! rught! about turn!

Back then it used to be so much fun and when I ‘shot’ my enimies they would fall head long and ‘die’ but the same didn’t apply to me as I told them I was bullet proof or that ‘mwini firimu samafa.’ It was part of the superiority game.

Sadly though, I never realised my dream of becoming a real soldier because of some discouraging tales I heard.  Some used to say a soldier off to a war is assured of long, cold and lonely nights away from their spouses. This to me was the biggest challenge in life because I couldn’t imagine ‘osagona pa charger.’

I also heard that the training is so gruelling that it takes more than a man to make it through. Having seriously considered all that, I found myself in this world of journalism. That is why up to this day, I still have a lot of admiration for ‘fellow’ soldiers and I was over the moon when Kamuzu Barracks recently became the first army team to win the Super League.

Well, it wasn’t surprising that they achieved that feat because of the support they got from my ‘fellow’ Commander General Griffin Supuni Phiri. To see him fly to Dwangwa in a helicopter to salute his troops thrilled my world. And to add extra spice, he looked more like a player in a KB jersey and a snap pack cap. I hear he has passion for sports just like former Commander General Henry Odillo and he plays squash. The promotions for the players were also timely. Gone are the days when players would be rewarded with tinned beef. For that I salute you General. That said, how about forming a netball team as well general? No need to look elsewhere for a masseur, I am available! Uloliwe, uloliwe wayidudula neng’esiza hah! (Oh yes, the train is pushing). Glory be to God. n


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