Time should always be timely

Time, I believe, was created for easy transaction of affairs. We rely on time to set up meetings, synchronise events and bring discipline. We use time to monitor events and develop personal as well as external spaces. Time, in essence, determines what we do at particular times and with whom. Time, practically, runs our lives. What would we do without it?

However, in spite of its importance, there are people who choose to ignore time and its purposes.

In our culture, time is barely recognised as many choose to ignore its existence. We have people in the workplace who choose when to report for duties or knock off. They do this in total disregard of the company set rules and regulations—defying rules to do as they please. These are the very people who complain when sidelined in promotions or opportunities, yet they want to overindulge. If only they paid attention to that little clock and the three hands on it.

We have bosses, too, who choose to run institutions haphazardly. They believe a little adherence to time belittles their existence; hence, bully subordinates with time. That, to me, is primitive and should not have a place in our society. Time goes a long way in either improving of killing a business venture.

Politicians are some of the worst culprits when it comes to keeping time. They take voters for granted and will keep them waiting for hours on end. They forget who is the boss. Under normal circumstances, the politicians are meant to wait for the voters at a rally, not vice-versa. It is all in the spirit of ignorance about the essence of time.

Whether anybody likes it or not, time will always have an upper hand in society and the sooner we all realise that, the better for our communities and country. It is for the reason of time that schools succeed, appointments are kept and ample businesses deals are struck.

Successful economies have depended on time. Anyone who regards time regards success. To disregard it means embracing failure. If only the majority of our population realised the essence of time, we would be speaking a different story about our economy and lifestyles.

We have taken time for granted for too long and I believe it is time we made it timely to improve on a lot of aspects/. Nobody is and should not be above time. That is how respect is built and earned.  n

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