TNM brings together music, football in collabo

It is a meeting of music and football. In a rare collaboration, musicians Nepman, Blak Jak, Fikisa and Eunice Mhango have teamed up on the production of the TNM Super League theme song PokoPoko.

The song, produced by renowned urban music producer-cum-artist Sonyezo, has been created to bring exciting incentives, improve the game and ignite supporters’ passion, according to league sponsors TNM Plc.

Sonyezo: It is always amazing to work with these guys

TNM public relations and sponsorship manager Limbani Nsapato said in an interview they want to bring positive noise to the game of football.

“TNM has been sponsoring the Super League for 12 years, and we feel obliged to bring some exciting incentives that improve the game.

“We strongly believe that the PokoPoko theme song will ignite the passion of supporters to come in large numbers to support their teams with so much noise,” he said.

The artists involved in the project said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience of doing the song.

In an interview, dancehall star Blak Jak, who is a member of Nyasa Guruz, said he enjoyed the opportunity to work with some of the best voices on the local music front.

“It is not every day that you get the chance to star alongside the likes of Nepman. It was such an experience. And special mention should also go to Sonyezo. He has magical hands. When I listened to the final production I was startled,” he said.

The female voice in the song came from Eunice Kadzuwa-Mhango who is lead vocalist for Mizu Band. She says she is confident that both music and football lovers will enjoy the song.

Kadzuwa-Mhango said: “It is a danceable tune. The live football ambience brought more life and energy to the song. I am happy and proud to be part of this project. It was such a great experience.”

On his part, Sonyezo said: “It is always amazing to work with these guys. I have worked with them on several projects and the chemistry is always amazing.”

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