Too early for political drama

Dear judge Mbadwa,

As we are counting down to the May 21 tripartite elections, which are just three months away, you might have noted that the seismic waves in the political terrain are becoming more pronounced.

On a daily basis, politicians are busy trying to outdo each other on the idiocy of begging for votes from Nyasaland citizens they are ready to abandon immediately they are ushered in office on May 21.

Of course the unrelenting theatre of the absurd that are party primaries showed us to what an extent aspirants can go to become village idiots just to win the support of people.

There were those who were elected by an electoral college of less than 10 people while others amassed thousands of votes in a vague electoral college, but that is none of my business.

The accolade of the party primaries comedy of the century, however, should go to a party that had rival candidates pitching on different venues on the scheduled date of the polls only for the party to declare one of them victorious days later. Free and fair polls indeed!

But that is not the reason I have decided to write you honourable judge. It is the manner in which the Mapuya government is dishing out arrests to his opponents that has me worried.

My Lord, take the matter in which Sauli Cloud’s aides were arrested for acting suspiciously. Seriously in the present political environment should we be using such incoherent charges to get at our political opponents?

Honourable judge, perhaps your court can provide direction by providing a legal definition of acting suspiciously because it appears to me that is another name of the oft-cited charge by police; Conduct.

In the case of the aides, who was acting suspiciously between the personal assistants and the authorities who asked the aides to wait and wait and wait at the launch of the Yathu tribal grouping?

Shouldn’t we have been spending that energy and public resources on tracking killers of people with albinism than on some little-known aides of a political enemy we created of our own accord?

My Lord, I think Nyasaland Police Service is guilty of acting suspiciously when it fails to end heinous murders of some sections of the society such as people with albinism, yet dance to the tunes of politicians to arrest their opponents.

Honourable judge, all politicians act suspiciously in the manner they conduct their businesses, especially during campaign times.

They speak suspiciously; they campaign suspiciously and even conduct primaries suspiciously.

If coming late to a function amounts to acting suspiciously, then we are all guilty because I don’t remember the last time I met a politician, especially from those in government, arriving on time at a function.

Others acted suspiciously in the way they justified K145 million that accidently found itself in an account that bears their name.

We know that Lazaro acted suspiciously in the manner he courted the Shire Valley giant, Slick Mya and


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