Trustees shun Nyasa takeover indaba

In a clear vote of no confidence, Nyasa Big Bullets trustees yesterday shunned an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) in Lilongwe which endorsed Nyasa Manufacturing Company’s takeover as part of the club’s commercialisation.

The absence of the trustees forced the meeting to delay by three hours as the executive committee was consulting legal experts on whether to proceed with assembly.

Played down trustees absence: Lipipa

Comfirming the absence of the trustees, Bullets chairperson Noel Lipipa said some of the trustees shunned the meeting because it was not convened after a 21-day notice.

He said the executive committee had suggested to postpone the meeting to a later date when the trustees would be available.

“After the consultations, we reached a resolution that we defer the meeting so that we can rearrange it within the constitutional requirements,” said Lipipa.

The chairperson admitted that they jumped procedures in calling for the meeting, but defended the move saying they did not want to miss the 60 day mandate which they were given to finalise the commercialisation.

“Our mandate which we were given at the EGM in June is expected to expire next Friday. This is why we by-passed the 21- day announcement requirement,” he said.

The delegates to the EGM, however, protested the cancellation of the meeting arguing it will only delay the commercialisation. Supporters committee general secretary Mabvuto Chibambo argued: “The information I have is that the trustees are busy so let’s just proceed with the meeting.”

Lipipa, who was with other executive members, bowed down to the pressure and waved the meeting on. The chairperson told the assembly that Nyasa Manufacturing Company has approved the proposal they submitted.

Among others, Lipipa said, the company would construct stadium, training centre, purchase state-of-the-art bus and adopt all the club’s debts.

The delegates, amounting to over 50, unanimously voted for the NMC takeover. Lipipa said what remains is that the club be deregistered as a trustee and be registered as a business entity.

“The other thing is that we will sign the takeover agreement with Nyasa. That arrangement will be communicated to you later,” he said.

In an interview after the EGM, Lipipa played down suggestions that the absence of trustees rendered the meeting illegal.

“The meeting was basically aimed to present a report on the progress of the takeover and to seek their approval on the same. Otherwise, the trustees already approved the move,” he said.

The board of trustees secretary Jim Kalua said he was aware that trustees were not present but refused to take questions.

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