UK-based comedian dates Malawi

After successfully touring the country with his Laughrica comedy last year, Malawian UK-based comedian Daliso Chaponda will be back in Malawi next week with another comedy expected to be premiered in Blantyre and Lilongwe on the 28th and 29th of January.


Dubbed Antisocial Commentator show, the comedian is coming with a new album called Citizen of Nowhere, a compilation that tackles satires about relationships of all mankind, their faith, ideas and their governments.

The album carries a one-hour composition that entertained   Zimbabweans  during the Harare’s Hifa festival last year.

Although his name does not beat a drum louder here at home, Chaponda is a big figure in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

He has ever shared the stage with big names in the world comedy such as Chris Rock, Trevor Noah and Sugar Sammy, among many others.

Born in Malawi, Daliso, a son to Minister of Education Dr George Chaponda, has registered ascending success in his few years in comedy.

He has been nominated several times for various international world comedy awards and he has performed live on three best world TV shows namely Showtime Arabia Presents, the World Stands Up and Good News Week Australia.

His success story is supported by patronage registered at every show he holds. In Malawi, there was a huge turn up of fans at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe last year where he held his show.

Speaking in an interview from UK, Daliso said the Antisocial Commentator show is just continuation of his last year’s trip.

His purpose, he says, is to give Malawians a taste of the new album and continue on his mission to sell himself on his home continent.

“I have been named a successful comedian in foreign continents, but nothing in my continent and I don’t feel anything good about this. These frustrations started to grow big last year, that is why I launched my first trip to Africa with Laughrica and so I want to continue from there so that my continent should enjoy the sweat of its product,” says the Manchester-based artist who has also been shortlisted for Carl Brandon Society, Writers of the future, P&P and Northwest Comedian of the year awards.

Some of his popular solo compositions include Feed This Black Man, Don’t Let Them Deport Me and Westerners Calm Down.

The Laughrica tour was made up with materials from these compositions which were relevant to Malawian society.

According to Daliso, the new comedy has a perfect touch for the African audience that he believes will attract an overwhelming response.

“I am completely into comedy. I move from one city to another with performances. Comedy is in my blood, it started like a joke while doing my university education in Canada in 2006.

“People used to give me small [amounts of] money to perform and as the amount of money increased, I felt like it was my destiny and so settled in it. I don’t do anything apart from comedy and I hold four to seven shows a week and I write jokes for myself and other comedians. I also write short stories and scripts, but comedy takes up 80% of my effort,” he says.

On his tour to Malawi, Daliso will perform at the Crossroads Hotel on January 28 before a final show at Robins Park in Blantyre the following day.

A week later, he will be in Zimbabwe to perform in Harare and Bulawayo before travelling back to England to prepare for a one-month tour in Canada.

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