Vic Marley to live again

Fallen dancehall musician Vic Marley might live again on the big screen as his family plans a biopic documentary of his life.
According to the family of the Ndikadzamwalira hit-maker, the documentary, which is simply titled Vic Marley, will include accounts of his life as narrated by family members and interviews with his colleagues who worked with him.
“It has been 10 years since his demise. So, we will look at his life and also we are going to add on how the industry has evolved over the years,” says Yahaya Kunje, younger brother to the departed musician.
Kunje says most of the information about the artist has already been told by newspapers and radios, but the family would like to tell the other side of the dancehall artist that Malawians never had a chance to know.
“Vic was a kind and flexible individual who socialised with everyone. And that’s the reason his music was loved by many as it relate to people from different social background. That is what we are intending to share with the whole world,” said Kunje.

His family feels he should be honoured
His family feels he should be honoured

The film, which is due on Friday, has been produced by the deceased’s sister, MBC-TV personality Catherine Kunje and Yahaya. It will be distributed for free.
Vic Marley was born on October 5 1978 and started music in the 1990s, but rose to fame in 2003 after his debut with Malilime off his debut album Mau Anga.
He died in a road accident on May 24 2005 after releasing his second album Traffic Police the same year.
Vic Marley was inspired by Jamaican dub poet Mutabaruka and British dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.
Tailosi Bakili, who was a DJ at MBC during the early years of Vic Marley’s career, said in an interview which was published in this newspaper in 2013, that the artist was a hard worker and someone who believed in investing in his career.
“Vic Marley never rushed to the studio. He always took his time that is why he became big star that he became,” said Tai B (as Tailos was known in showbiz circles).

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