We will transform national secondary schools—Chisi


Umodzi Party presidential candidate Professor John Chisi says he will transform secondary schools nationwide into colleges to address quota system of selecting students to public universities.

Speaking during a rally in Chitipa District on Monday, he said this will also give a chance to those who may not meet public university selection requirements to attain various skills in these colleges.

Chisi also said he will construct secondary schools at every primary school for easy mobility of students from their homes.

Chisi: All schools will be changed

He said: “I stood a chance to attain tertiary education at Chancellor College despite scooping 22 points which cannot happen today.

“It is hard for someone with 14 points to be selected to public universities. It is for this reason that all national secondary schools will be changed to colleges.”

Chisi urged people to cast their ballot on May 21 2019 to only two presidential candidates, notably him and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate, saying the rest of political parties were borne from United Democratic Party (UDF); hence, cannot change the country for the better.

Meanwhile, University of Livingstonia political analyst George Phiri has urged people to be careful with politicians’ promises.

“Transforming secondary schools might be easy but how will those colleges achieve high and desired quality education at college level? We are looking at resource provision which is infrastructure and other basic learning materials,” he said.

Phiri said the free primary school education has shown that having infrastructure without the corresponding human resource may not yield the desired results.

Besides schools, Chisi also promised to bring three factories per district that will be processing farmers produce and create jobs.

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