Welcome to the gutter, Luciano!

How great it is to open this window to enjoy a look at a nation of beautiful souls. Sometimes life just seems to get worse but my people’s sense of arts and culture appears immune to the venom of a hard socioeconomic terrain!

Imagine, we haven’t even recovered from the heavy rains and floods that robbed us of lives and washed away people’s hopes and means of a earning a living.

I mean a few weeks ago, we looked out from our leaking gutters in Mbayani, Mtandire or Zorozoro to the prehistoric Khulubvi Shrine—that Lower Shire home of rain god M’bona—asking him to intercede for us and have heavens hold their peace.

By our own heavy prayers, the rains seem to have receded too deep into the clouds, watching the sun crack our garden floors. Now, a thirsty maize crop stands clueless and malnourished.

Unless the rains coil out of the clouds soon to cool the ground, especially in the Central Region, we could be waking up to a pitifully hungry year ahead.

But wait a minute. I know the people of the gutter’s likely response to lemons of life. Tomorrow, thousands decked in the red, green and gold of passion for reggae will head to the Silver Stadium in Lilongwe to see Luciano, one of the competent reggae makers from the renowned island of Jamaica.

The people’s hope will mainly be one; that the reggae icon understands that forking out K8 000 (more than $20!) in the prevalent socioeconomic tirades is not just to walk away from home to enjoy masacheti or a cigarette by the reggae icon’s stage.

Please tell Luciano (if at all he comes!) that people of the gutter must be rewarded by a gig of full measure in all departments. We have waited long since October when his initial trip failed due fears of the then more rampaging Ebola disease in Africa.

Now, people of the gutter, please mind your wallets and foreheads tomorrow—no gig is worth being robbed, maimed or killed for! n

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